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  • Step 1- Place two, eight foot tables in an “L” shape in front of the sea scape. This will be the driver’s dashboard of the submarine. sub 1
  • Step 2- Cover each table with red table cloths
  • Step 3- Add the horizontal tubes on the edge of the tables by sliding the table edge through the cut line. (*Note- be sure the table cloth still covers past the back edge of the table)
  • Step 4- Add the four cardboard walls with windows, to the front of each table by standing them on the floor between the table and seascape. Tape the seams along the back to make them one solid wall.
  • Step 5- Add standing vertical tubes on top of the table in front of each seam where cardboard panels meet together
  • Step 6- Insert pipes, lights and accessories on the vertical tubes. Be sure to test any items that illuminate before completing the scene.
  • Step 7- Add dashboard equipment on the tables and office chairs at the tables

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