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I have been so eager to show you all the new ideas for this
great construction theme for 2020.  

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I created props for all church sizes. There is a mobile crane that extends as far as 16 feet, a cement truck, a big skyscraper under construction and all the fun construction signs, cones, barricades and more.  For the VBS Decorating over-achiever, I created a giant crane that will be a real show stopper. Be sure to see the photos of my church of when I set everything up.  It looks so great! 

I think the best part is having everything on large stickers like in past years. That’s right, everything has adhesive backs. Just peel off the film and stick the artwork to the construction foam panel. No tracing and no painting needed! (I love that part, because I don’t have time for it.) This will be a huge help and speed up the process. I have demonstrations of me sticking the panels on by myself and it only takes a couple of minutes.  It’s really that easy. I hope you like all the ideas and for better convenience, we have them priced individually so you can choose which ones you want or just order the large bundle which is a savings of $64.00!

Our packaging is greatly improved, so we won’t have damaged panels and orders are checked for accuracy when they go out. If you have VBS funds left to use for 2019 and you want to get a head start, click here to see everything in the store and place your order today.

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