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Our 2023 VBS is Twists & Turns, and I love seeing all your decorating ideas being shared on Facebook.  I wanted to share with you some results from testing all the crafts with some children.  We used boys and girls grades 1-5 to do each craft.  We observed how they completed the crafts and recorded their thoughts as well as ranking the crafts for each day.  Great appreciation for Lynn Jordan who set up our craft testing experience and compiled all these notes into a quick review that I think you will appreciate because this is a wonderful resource!  Thank you also for listing the stores where items were purchased and the costs.  Especially if you are a craft teacher or VBS director.  I hope this helps as you plan for a great VBS this summer.

Check out this year’s craft evaluation by clicking this link for easy download: VBS 2023 Craft Evaluation

Also Introducing Our New “Super-Sized Board Game Décor”

These extra-large game pieces are great for any hallway or decoration in classrooms.  Take your theme decorating up a notch with big splashes of color throughout the building.  Plan to decorate hallways a month early so church members can start getting excited about VBS!

These large décor items are printed on adhesive back paper to easily stick to foam board or cardboard as props.  The adhesive might not be strong enough to adhere to walls without slipping so we recommend using Mavalus Tape to secure to the wall.  

*Note- Since churches are located in so many different areas and use different types of paint, consider testing your walls with a piece of scrap that you cut away to see if it will stick to your walls without falling. We just want to best outcome for your decorating efforts.

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