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VBS 2024 is going to be a blast! 

These giant decorations are NOW available!

ALERT!!!!!!!  The wonderful blue construction foam boards that we have purchased for years are no longer in production.  I have been told that there have been improvements made to the product, so changing the color to dark gray would help everyone know they are getting the improved product.  This means, when we mount the stickers to the foam board the edges will be dark gray rather than blue, so I like that idea.  The bad news is that there is no more easy blue sky background by just setting up the foam boards.  It was so fast and easy.  

Now we must decide how to create the backdrop for our stage.  We could paint the gray foam boards with light blue latex paint and reuse them each year which is great if you have storage for them.  My storage is limited so I opted to use a pole and drape system that is super easy to assemble and light weight.  It is easy to store and easy to move around to create the background for our stage.  

In the fast set-up video above of me creating the stage, I use the poles, (I did not buy drape, only poles.) and attached the blue vinyl table clothes with Mavalus Tape.  This is easy and cost-effective.  Even though the pole set is an investment, it is reasonable and easy to store.  Here is the link to our Amazon storefront where you can see the poles and order from Amazon if you want.  I think you will be pleased with this and might use them in many more ways throughout the year to promote your events or decorate for other church or children’s ministry events.

 Click here to take a look.

Valentines Day is actually on a Wednesday this year and we are planning some fun for that night!  

At Mr. Mark’s Classroom, we are making some super cute red fleece shirts for adults and kids that say “love”.  We can only take a limited amount of orders; but if you are interested in buying a shirt, please click here to go to the store.  We will stop orders when we feel like we have all we can service to ship them in time for the big day.  Just a fun thing and I wanted to include you if you are interested.

Click here to get your Valentine’s Shirt!

Click here to see our decorations for VBS 2024

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