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VBS 2024 is approaching quickly!

Hello Friends,

We are thrilled about our new decorations for Breaker Rock Beach VBS! 

Here are the huge stage props that will transform your platform into a North Pacific Beach with

rocks, waves, sand, trees, lighthouse & coastal animals.

We have tried to make options that will fit your church’s needs and budget.  Take a look at the Small Stage Set and the Large Stage Set to see which works best for you.  Since the lighthouse is such a fun feature, we are offering it as a separate add-on and it includes a couple of large sandcastles. 

Check out the decorating descriptions below:

Small Stage Set

Create a beautiful VBS stage with the waves splashing against the large Breaker Rock center stage.  By adding some blue vinyl table cloths for water behind the rock, you can place the Orca to one side.  Lay some tan colored sheets or paper to be the sand so you seal can be placed to the opposite side.  These two panels provide a great large scale stage prop without painting.  The panels are adhesive backed stickers measuring 4’x8’ each.  Simple stick them to the insulating foam board and cut out the objects with a sharp blade.  Light weight and easy to store for early prep.

Click here to see the the Small Stage Set

Large Stage Set

Here’s the full stage decoration to bring your VBS theme to life.  This includes the Breaker Rock panels with the seal and orca plus two more panels for each side of your stage to frame the scene and large rocks that match the Breaker Rock to give your scene more depth and a three dimensional appearance.  The Large Stage Set has a total of four large sticker panels, 4’x 8’ each, featuring trees, rocks and a lighthouse in the distance.

Click here to see the the Large Stage Set

Lighthouse Add-on Panel

Create this eight foot lighthouse for your scene with no tracing or painting.  The two over-sized sandcastles are a perfect addition to your stage too.  Adhere this 8’x 4’ sticker to a construction foam board and cut out the three props and you’re ready to go.  Get all three props in one panel. ((Click here to see this item.)) 

Click here to see the Add-On Panels

Check out our VBS themed Doodle Art and Scene Setters for 2024. These new products are making decorating even easier, and the Doodle Art is a perfect activity for the kiddos while welcoming them into the classroom as you prepare the children for the fun day ahead.

Click here to see our VBS theme Doodle Art!

Click here to see this year’s Scene Setter’s

Click here to see our Scuba Dive decorations!

This year we also incorporated Scuba Dive decorations with this fun diver dude, an adorable turtle, and a submarine. On top of this, we made sure to include the many fish that truly take you under water!

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