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This four-panel set is perfect for a classroom where teachers need space to lead their Bible study yet create the mood of a safari campout. The poster panels are eight feet tall. They measure 16 feet when connected together. The panel posters create a beautiful night scene near the water’s edge with mountains in the background. The glow of the campfire provides good light to see the tent and trees easily. Having a tent pictured in the scene setter gives the teacher the option to not set up an actual tent which can crowd valuable classroom space. There are nocturnal animals featured in this scene with a mother raccoon and baby, owl, porcupine mother and baby and a mother opossum with babies in a tree. 

This Night Camp Scene is ideal for creating a focal area of the classroom and still have wall space to display needed teaching items for the sessions. Mr. Mark recommends using the corner of the classroom that is easily spotted when entering the door. This will provide the biggest impression and “Wow!” factor for anyone entering your classroom. These panels are easy to use. Simply trim off the thin white edge of paper then apply four curls of Mavalus Tape on the back of the poster across the top. Begin hanging the middle panels first. Make sure the panel is straight. A level (or level app on our phone) will be very helpful. After hanging all four panels with Mavalus Tape along the top, now begin adding four curls of Mavalus Tape down each side of the back to secure each panel to the wall.

Use 8’x 4’ construction foam panels from Lowes to hide unwanted furniture behind the scene. Simply attach the posters to the foam board panels with the curls of Mavalus Tape.  Next, lay the two end panels face down on the carpet. Line up the edges of the posters side by side and tape the seam together. Raise the two panels and set in place.  Repeat with the opposite end two panels. With all the panels standing, secure the middle seam with Mavalus Tape.

Add camping scene items like green blankets or sheets for grass, a pretend campfire, lawn chairs, blankets to sit on, lanterns, and an ice chest.  There are more items a teacher can create like: trees, foliage, vines, and rocks. Check back soon to see instructions, photos and videos where Mr. Mark explains and demonstrates how to make these items. These are extra pieces a teacher might be interested in providing. The Night Camp Scene setter is perfect for taking the hard work out of decorating a classroom. Hang the posters and add your lawn chair and blankets and you are ready to go in just 30 minutes.



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