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VBS Crafts are always a big hit! I have had some really ambitious craft teachers in the past and we had to rein them in a bit or our entire budget would be spent on crafts. I’m just like you and love to have enthusiastic craft leaders and also to have crafts that even the boys will look forward to doing. Here in Oklahoma City, we had a team of leaders gather boys and girls of all different ages to come and test the crafts for VBS. Lynn Jordan, our ministry partner has gathered these facts and expenses for making theVBS crafts. She is sharing it with us today so we can make some better decisions for choosing and budgeting for a great crafts class: 2019 Kids Craft Evaluations

Be sure to see all the VBS decorations we have available for your stage and classroom. I have many ideas I’ve already shared for homemade decorations and reminders of decorations we’ve made in the past in case you still have them stored. Lots of ideas on my YouTube channel–Click this link and subscribe. You can see all the video tips for free. Also, I have lots of ideas on Pinterest so feel free to follow me there too.

Gearing up for a great week of VBS!

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Mr. Mark


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