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Day 2: Colossal Coaster World

Dare to Speak Up – Acts 9:20-30

Back in the greatest decade (80’s) I was in High School.  Because our family moved to a new state, I found myself attending math class a year ahead of my class.  This was awesome because I could sit next to the girls a year older!  For a span of a few weeks, I sat behind one girl who came to class crying every day.  I didn’t want to say anything because I knew who she dated and wanted nothing to do with him.  I was afraid to speak up.  I finally had seen her cry long enough and asked her what the problem was.  Of course, it was the boyfriend.  However, there was more than just drama.  I told her she was worth more than that and should leave him. (If she decided to start dating me that was OK, too!)  The main point was she should not have to deal with his issues and attitudes.  Later that day, he and his friends caught up with me in the hall.  Now what do I do?  He asked if what I had done and said were true because she just dumped him.  Apparently she felt it was necessary to bring my name up.  He was livid.  Now I had a choice.  I could deny saying it because it appeared the entire offensive line stood behind him.  Or, I could speak up for myself and for her.  I was being dared to speak up.

We find in the Day 2 scripture Saul transformed from breathing threats to sharing the Gospel.  Not everyone understood or believed in him.  He was trying to do the right thing but his reputation preceded him.  He could have given up and shut up but instead he faced his fears head on and kept sharing the message of the Messiah every day.  Escaping for his life he went to Jerusalem.  The believers there were skeptical at best also.  Barnabas dared to speak up on behalf of Saul.  He told the story and encouraged the people to give God’s grace a chance with Saul.

In your VBS this year you will face challenges concerning speaking up.  One challenge will be sharing the gospel with your kids the next day.  I love this story ahead of the Gospel because it reminds us as leaders and teachers that we must be prepared to speak up with the Gospel.  Some of you are first time teachers and need to face your fears and be strong in the Bible Story and less on the décor even if everyone else is overboard in their room.  If we do not share scripture then nothing else matters.  You who are leaders this year might have to speak up with the purpose of VBS.  It is easy to get lost in the theme and forget about the real reason for VBS.  We have VBS to reach children and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  All of the rotations, theme, music, etc are to enhance that opportunity.  You might have to speak up in this regard.  Finally, because of our society we are faced with children whose lives at home are very difficult.  If you become aware of abuse or violence you must speak up to your director and/or pastor.  Children must know that we in the church care and love them more than they can imagine.

Are you being dared to speak up?

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Thank you Aaron for this great help.  See more of Aaron’s writing at The Intersect and enjoy!

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