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Day 3: Colossal Coaster World

Dare to Believe – Acts 16:16-34

The innocence of children is remarkable!  While it seems that we are losing that innocence more every year, I am encouraged periodically with how innocent they really still are.  I remember as a child going to the amusement parks and seeing the characters stroll down the lane.  I was so excited because I believed them to be real.  As I took my children to Disneyland a couple of years ago, I was reminded of that level of belief.  My cerebral son did not bite as quickly as his younger sister, but I saw it.  As she walked up to the princesses she was mesmerized.  She believed them to be real.  Day 3 is all about belief, but in something infinitely more real.

As we approach this passage of scripture belief is the key component.  Paul believed that change was an available option for slave girl and later for themselves.  Paul believed that God could change the slave girl and free her from divination.  No matter how far she had gone into that world, Paul believed God could free her.  When he and Silas were in prison, they sang praises because they knew God could free them.  Even though they were shackled in prison, they had belief.  The jailor believed that God could save him by faith in Jesus Christ.  They believed in spite of the challenges of politics and personal difficulties.

What are you being dared to believe?  You are that first time director who is facing staffing issues.  With just days or weeks to go you still do not have all you need.  Believe God can provide by praying it through until you get a volunteer.  The budget might be getting tight.  Believe God will provide the money or creative ideas.  The weight of knowing that the Gospel is being presented on this day is heavy.  More people come to Christ during this age than any other.  Believe that God is more powerful than your ability to share the Gospel.  Believe that the Holy Spirit can work under the most severe conditions.

The challenges of money create difficult situations.  The challenges of teachers and volunteers can be stressful.  The challenges of working out the Gospel presentation can seem overwhelming.  Dare to believe!

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Thank you Aaron for this great help.  See more of Aaron’s writing at The Intersect and enjoy!




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