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Most of you know I wrote the book “Decorating Made Easy” for LifeWay’s Agency D3 and I have been leading VBS conferences all around the US.  I get to meet so many people who love VBS as much as I do.  They have shown me pictures of all the great things they created last year and I say over and over again, “I wish I could have shown these to our community of Kid Ministry leaders.”  We all need ideas!

I have all my VBS ideas posted.  Now you need to send pictures of your ideas! I will try to post your decorating ideas on Fridays so others can see the cool things you are doing.  Send those pictures to kodi@mrmarksclassroom and she will work her magic to share them with all of us on the website.  Be sure to give your name and church so you get the credit (and we will know who to call and barrow from—LOL).  Send your pics!!!

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Thanks for all the great inspiration at VBS Preview (Fort Worth) – I had a lot of fun making these for our VBS training in April! – Dana Whittaker





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