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We are about to start the Association Training Clinics in OKC and I thought you might be interested in seeing some short videos for decorations.  I love this Journey Off the Map theme and the decorations are not that hard.  Here are the videos for the Tangled Treehouse! Visit the website each Friday for the next four weeks to see videos of all the sites we will visit during our Journey Off the Map!

I hope this helps your creativity for decorating your classroom.  Let your workers know where to go get the ideas: .  I think the photos and video are the most help!  Send me pictures of your decorations so I can post them for other to see too.

Don’t forget I have a few Treehouse Kits and Trees (pair) left but they will only be available for the next 30 days.  I will not provide them during the summer since I will be busy with my own kids camp, VBS and mission trip to Poland.  Order these ready- to- go decorations today at www.mrmarksclassroom.come/store .

Your Friend!

Mr. Mark

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