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The Big Idea:

This is a locked room where very important evidence is stored.  The scene can set the tone for discovering great truths and mysteries from the Bible.

Supplies Needed:

Gray king-size bed sheets, cargo net, vault door, evidence file boxes, vault panels, bookcase props, vault table, magnifying lamp, Evidence Vault sign, office supplies, office phone, include shelves or student desks if available.


  • Decorate the Bible study room by focusing on a back corner of the room away from windows.
  • Hang two large gray bed sheets with bungee cords over each wall for quick and dramatic color.
  • Hang a cargo net or other net material from the ceiling across the corner.
  • Add the corner bookcases and Evidence Vault sign above.
  • Place any furniture items from the room you might choose like shelves and student desks.
  • Place the Vault Panels on the furniture or attach to the sheets with command strips or safety pins and paper clip hooks attached to the back of each panel.
  • Stand the Vault Door in place and hang the transient above.
  • Add the Vault Table to the middle of the room and plug in the rope light.
  • Place the Magnifying Lamp on the table with other props like books and investigative helps.
  • Other props like file boxes, file folders, books, lights, electronic gadgets, office phones and such can be added.  Resist overcrowding with stuff.

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