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While I have been traveling this month and sharing my decorating ideas, I promised to provide a copy of my Power Point presentations.  Here you will see all the photos, shopping list and more.  You can edit these presentations to make your own and show in your training meetings or simply post pics for people to see the ideas.  My only request, let people know they can come to to see more.   

I have added a wonder element to the clubhouse scene.  I call it, Clubhouse Scene Accessory Bundle.  Here are a couple of pics of me holding the large panels.  These are the items kids would have dropped off before going inside the clubhouse.  Along with the bikes and basketball, I included some rocks, a dog and a cat.  So cute!  The panels are large stickers that you adhere to cardboard then cut it out and stand it up.  No tracing, drawing or painting needed.  That’s the best part!  They look great in the scene and it helps fill the space with interest and color.  Notice the two large fence panels too.  Although they are flat, they look three dimensional.  That means, you can save this stuff and fold it flat for space saving then use it again in the future. 

Your Friend,  
Mr. Mark 


Download the PowerPoint presentations below.


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