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This week I was in North Carolina meeting terrific people who attended my Decorating Conference and Enlisting Workers Conference.  I will be in Fort Worth Texas this week and Nashville, TN the third week of January if you are able to come join us for the VBS Preview Events.  I will have my power point, videos and photos posting on Fridays each week this month and February.  I also want to post your pictures on Fridays too, so send them in!

My dear friend, Lynn Jordan tested all the VBS crafts with a group of kids and wrote a report describing strengths and weaknesses you might like to know before you purchase.  She also has a great list of supplies and where you can find them.  That is amazing!!!  I can’t thank her enough for sharing this awesome news with us!

I also have two decorating items in the store- Treehouse Kit and Pair of Trees.  I already have orders so plan now for the shipping to be a bit delayed as we print and ship as quick as we can.  Go to to see the detailed information.

I attached a printable of Lynn’s VBS Crafts report and supplies list so click here.

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