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“Stadium Fans” Panels

Place the sheet of foam board on a flat surface and the printed panel face up on the foam.

Trim the white edge from the picture with scissors.  Line up the bottom of the print with the edge of the foam sheet.  Work with one person on each side. 
Starting at one end, peel back the protective film about six inches and fold the film under the print while sticking down the printed panel. 
Be sure the print is lined up straight or adjust it now by pulling up the print and re-sticking it to the foam. Place one hand on top of the print for smoothing. At the same time place one hand under the print (on top of the protective film) pulling the backing off while moving down slowly.  At any time, stop and pull up the print and re-stick to avoid creases. If needed, go back to the beginning and pull up the beginning six inches and smooth it out again.


Write “Yes to VBS!” and other slogans on the blank banners.  You can customize this decoration for your church, town, VBS, pastor, and more.


Lights & flags

Panels were stuck on sheets of cardboard (double thickness) from a local box company.  Watch the video demonstration.

Foam panels can also be used for the lights if desired.  Use sharp blades when cutting out the lights and change the blade to keep a sharp edge as needed.  The cutting is not difficult or detailed.  One option is to cut the “X” in each light position to open the cardboard and poke through a C-9 Christmas light. 

One strand of 25 lights was used on each stadium light post.  The cord was taped down along the back to hide as well as the plug and extension cords. 


Light Poles

These can be created with four PVC pipes ten feet long.  To avoid bowing, choose two inch, double thickness pipe or larger.  Four buckets filled halfway with cement and the pipe standing up, will make a sturdy base for the light pole.  Suggestion- Wrap the pipe with a copy of sheets of plastic cling wrap and place the pipe against one side or the bucket until cement hardens.  Pull the pipe out and remove the cling wrap for easier storage and reuse in the future.  The foam panels will lean against the light poles so the pipe against the side of the bucket instead of the middle, will eliminate any gaps.  The foam panels can be secured to the poles with Mavalus Tape.


Assemble the Scene

Lay down the green turf first.  This can be outdoor type carpet from Lowes or green blankets, sheets or paper.  Add white tape as field lines or numbers last.  If you choose to make this a gym floor instead, place the floor down first.

Second, add the four light poles in the approximate locations.  When adding the lights to the poles, lay the pole down and measure up at least seven feet where the stadium will be attached.  Secure the lights to the pole with Mavalus Tape and secure the plug and extension cord as well.  Stand up the poles in their desired locations and plug in the lights to be sure everything is working correctly.

Third, stand up the center gray panel.  Adjust two poles of lights behind and secure the panels with Mavalus Tape on the backside.  Add each gray side panel and adjust the poles to the center behind the foam board panels and secure it with Mavalus Tape.

Fourth, stack a stadium fan panel in the center and secure with Mavalus Tape to the poles and the lower panel.  Repeat with side stadium fan panels to complete assembly.

Finally, attach flags to skewers with Mavalus Tape and stab each skewer into the top edge of the foam panel.  Optional- add string flags along the bottom of the Stadium Fans panels and out from each side.  This will help if your gray paint is a different shade.  Add benches, team equipment, water jug and water bottles in a fast food drink carrier.  Colorful towels on the benches and banners hanging across the corners of the panels are a nice addition but be careful to not add too much.

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