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Happy Thursday, my friends! Let me share what’s we are discussing for our June VBS. I realize many leaders are trying to decide what will be best for your church, so I have some good news.

LifeWay has officially released an eBook with four strategies for VBS (how churches can still do VBS in the wake of COVID-19). The book and FAQs went live yesterday on Please use (and share) this link to access the book.

The Kids Ministry 101 podcast will cover this same topic in its latest release today, with subsequent podcasts to cover each strategy more deeply. LifeWay is getting positive responses from churches about the four strategies. I sincerely hope the resources they have released will be helpful to you as they have been for me and my team.

Currently, we are discussing how we can take our VBS to the neighborhoods of our church members, so we can continue our efforts as an outreach and evangelism event. We hope to provide the worship rally from our decorated church stage streaming over the internet to each location. It will be good for the kids to enjoy the music, pledges and hearing from our pastor as they see all of us on stage. I will share more of our planning as it develops, but these wonderful helps from LifeWay can begin your conversations with your pastor and planning team now. 

This large colorful prop is perfect for a construction theme. The cement truck is eight feet long and over four feet tall. Its simple to stick on a foam panel and cut out with a sharp blade. This is a great-looking prop without tracing and painting. Watch this video to see how it assembles in minutes! Bonus props include: “stop” sign, “slow” sign, “street closed” sign, two “arrow” signs, large “construction zone” sign, large cement block pile, three individual cement blocks, and two barricade striped bars. Click here to order your Cement Truck or see other great VBS decorations in our store.

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