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Combining vegetables and words can provide an interesting game for the Giant Game Floor Mat. Boys and girls will enjoy seeing the real vegetables and finding the matching words.

The game can be used for an early arrival activity, in group time, or while waiting for parents.


Supplies for Vegetables/Word Game for Giant Game Floor Mat:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • 10 vegetables
  • 10 words printed on white paper
  • 10 white paper plates
  • beanbag


  1. Spread the game mat on the floor.
  2. Place the vegetables on top of the clear pockets in the first two rows of the game mat.
  3. Print words for the vegetables on white paper to place on the paper plates.
  4. Insert the paper plates inside the pockets for rows three and four. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Read God gives food to us (Psalm 136:25).  Ask a child to help you turn to Genesis 1. Point to verse 11 and read God made plants to grow.
  • Talk aboutplants that  give people food to eat.
  • Name vegetables such as the ones on the game mat.
  • Choose a child to toss the beanbag on one of the paper plates. Read the word on the plate. Guide the child to remove the plate from the pocket and place it under the matching vegetable. Continue the game until all of the words on the plates have been matched with the vegetables.
  • Talk to the children about God’s plans for food to eat. Ask children to name their favorite vegetables.
  • Expand the conversation to name vegetables not on the game mat.
  • Pray, thanking God for food to eat and people who help us have food.

Bonus Game: Photograph the vegetables; print two copies of each photograph. Play a  matching game with the vegetable photographs.

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