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Whenever transportation is provided by paid staff or volunteers, all requirements regarding transportation must be met.


Any vehicle used to transport children shall comply with the following requirements:

A vehicle shall not be used to transport children in excess of the maximum seating capacity. (The maximum seating capacity of the vehicle is based on the manufacturer’s suggested seating capacity or on a minimum of 13 inches of seating per child.)

All passengers shall be able to sit comfortably in a stationary padded seat with a back that is properly anchored to the vehicle.

Vehicles used to transport children shall be maintained in a clean, safe operating condition, free of hazardous objects or other nonessential items that could injure children if thrown about as a result of a collision.

Children shall not be transported in vehicles or parts of vehicles which were not designed for the purpose of transporting people, such as truck beds, campers, and trailers.

When transporting children, vehicles shall be visibly marked with the name of the facility or sponsoring organization, with the exception of public transportation.

Each vehicle operated by a center for transportation shall have door locks. The driver shall be responsible for keeping the doors locked when the vehicle is moving.

The transporting vehicle shall be covered by medical and liability insurance as required by state laws.

A vehicle used to transport children shall have an operable heater that is capable of maintaining a temperature of 50 degrees F inside the vehicle and an appropriate ventilation system.

A first aid kit and fire extinguisher shall be taken on each field trip.

(Requirements vary from state to state. Please consult the Department of Human Services Minimum Standards for Day Cares for a list of requirements for your state.)

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