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You know how I have whined about enlistment and I know how much you like it too but I need to say, “We are fully staffed- for now.”  This summer was grueling and seemed to never end with the calling and letters to ask people to serve in our kid’s ministry.  I created an enlistment strategy and worked it but the real reason we are fully staffed is because of the Father.  We prayed and asked the Lord to provide and continued to call and send messages even though Sunday School promotion was done in August.  He was obviously working and we needed to continue working and not give up.

What now?  We are trying to enlist workers to be “on the bench” as our substitute teacher list needs to grow.  We have great starters in the game but we need a reserve group of teachers we can call into the game at any time.  As we grow, I am hopeful the teacher needs we experience through the year can be filled by some of these teachers “on the bench.”  Don’t give up!  Pray and seek those teachers.  God will fit His church together perfectly!

From the Trenches, Mr. Mark













Objective: kids will see the power of “saving for a rainy day”.

Divide into three teams.  Give each team 7 pennies for their “income”.  Now each team rolls a die and must give back that many pennies to pay for their needs.  With the remaining pennies, they may save them or buy treats (provide hard candy for a penny a piece.)  Play several rounds, giving out  7 penny income, rolling for expenses, and offering candy to buy.  After playing 7 rounds, announce that a drought has knocked out the source of income and they will only receive two pennies.  They still must roll and pay out expenses, then decide to buy or save.  Play 14 times, seven good years and seven bad years.

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