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Rising Sun


Teach your children about the sun rising and setting as you help them enjoy making a sun and clipping on the rays of sunbeams.  This could also be a terrific time to mention that Jesus died on the cross and came back to life.  That early morning as the sun was rising, Mary went to the tomb where Jesus was buried and found the Stone door was rolled away and Jesus was not there.  The angel said, “He is risen.”  Mary told the others that Jesus is Alive.  On Easter we celebrate that Jesus is a alive and gives life to anyone that asks Him.

Items Needed:

Paper Plates

Yellow Tempera Paint

Spring Clothes Pins


* After the paint is dry, you can add facial expressions or write “Jesus is Alive!”

Cloud Shapes


Observe clouds in the sky by walking outside or looking through the window.  Talk about the clouds and how they can sometimes appear as shapes of animals and other objects.  Invite the kids to comment on the shapes they see.  After spending time observing clouds, provide blue construction paper and white washable paint for the children to create clouds in whatever shape they choose.

Clouds with Rain


Invite the children to glue cotton balls to a cloud shape you have prepared from card stock white paper.  Turn the cloud over and tape strands of silver ribbon or Christmas Icicle decorations to the back as rain.  Hang from the ceiling to appreciate the rain falling.  Rain drops cut from blue construction paper can be added if you desire.

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