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Hey Mr. Mark,

I’ve got a question for you. On Wednesday nights during the school year, our church does AWANA. God has really blessed the program, and our children’s ministry has grown tremendously over the past three years. During the summer, we take a break, but many of the parents that are volunteers in AWANA would like to attend Wednesday night Bible Studies during the summer months.

What do you all typically do on Wednesday nights during the summer?


Just Getting Some Ideas

Good Question!

Wednesday nights in the summer are usually low attendance and a variety of ages.  You can count on never having the same group of kids since families are vacationing, sports and camps. 

In the past, I have planned camp in June and VBS in July and we did the VBS musical on Family night.  It has a way of packing the place (outreach opportunity).  Each Wednesday I plugged in the DVD and let it teach us the songs and motions. I did the songs with the kids and often needed remedial help which they were glad to supply.  Actually, they helped me a lot. 

Those interested in speaking parts were practiced by an different teacher in another room.  The two of us did all the rehearsing but it was really easy.  There were just enough songs and enough nights through the summer to learn each one and practice the songs already introduced.  Sometimes I brought treats like popsicles and we finished outside in the shade eating those and laughing.  It is a lot more laid back and I highly recommend it since there is little to no prep and still has a purpose. 

Now I hire an intern who prepares and runs a Wednesday night gathering using some Club VBS material.  It can easily stretch for 10 weeks.  We do a Bible story one week and missions focus the next.  There are enough crafts and games to cover the 10 weeks too.  This gives us a summer theme too.

 What ideas do you have for Wednesday nights during the summer?

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