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Summer attendance can be erratic as kids and teachers take vacations or go to visit family.  Here are a few ideas to help your kids stay connected throughout the busy summer:

  • Make “Flat Stanley” versions of your Children’s Minister. Encourage the kids to take him along on all their adventures.  (There are web sites that will turn any picture into a cartoon.)  Ask parents to upload photos to facebook or other shared web sites.
  • Make an “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” bulletin board to display post cards kids send from their travels.
  • Encourage kids to bring you a bulletin from any churches they visit.
  • Prepare travel bags for kids to take on trips. Include travel games and a copy of the pupil’s piece for the Sundays they will be away.
  • Remind your leaders to take their students’ names and addresses on their vacation so that they can send postcards to those in their classes.

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