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Here is a question I received from Miss Kelly about Cameras in the Classrooms.  I posted it on my Facebook and got a few answers so I thought I would ask our community.  I’m curious too… Mr. Mark— I would love to know if churches have security cameras in each hall, classroom, etc. that will record the activity and entrances and exits.   Also, is it necessary to tell people in advance that this is the case?   I am just gathering information for a campus that would like to do this… Thanks for your help Blessings, Kelly Leave an answer in the comments and tell us what you are doing.  Do you have the other items I mentioned?  Does this bring up any concerns?  Leave a comment!

Spoon Bugs

 bug In the beginning God created  . . . Genesis 1 You will need:

  • Plastic spoons, any color
  • Sharpies or paint pens
  • Leaves made out of cardstock or fun foam
  • Scissors
  1. Cut a slit near the stem of the leaf large enough for the spoon to slide through.
  2. Create “bugs” using paint pens or sharpies.
  3. Once dry, slide the spoon through the hole created in the leaf.

Option: Paint the stems of the spoons black and use as a handle for your leaf bug.

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