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I recently enjoyed speaking at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church in Lubbock, TX and received a wonderful tour of their Children’s Building.  Brenda Loftus, Children’s Minister, had invested much time and attention to the details when planning and building. That was evident.  It is such a beautiful and functional space. 

Then Brenda took me to the Resource Room.  She mentioned that she seldom shows this to guests, but I could probably appreciate it.  She was right.  It is not the gorgeous finishes that are found in the hallways and gathering areas.  Instead, it is clearly organized and labeled shelves with easy to use and locate systems in place.  I was thrilled, to say the least.  She has a lady in her eighties who maintains and fills resource orders weekly.  Let me just say – That lady is a hero!

This episode is a wonderful tour of many resource rooms and organizational tips.  Lynn Jordan, my dear friend walks me through these ideas with pictures. So be ready, take notes and make some improvement to your resource room.

If you do not have a resource room, like a church I visited this week, give your church the gift of a resource room.  You will be able to get all the stuff out of the classrooms that result in making them look like thrift stores.


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