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Today, my special guest is Genea Pine. Genea is from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and serves as the Director for Preschool Ministries for her church. Listen as we discuss how learning centers are an essential part of the early childhood classroom. We share ideas and practical tips for making your classroom successful and engaging for your young learners. If more preschool teachers understood the value and necessity of learning centers, it would revolutionize their effectiveness as a teacher and empower his or her classroom as a learning hub and not a childcare room. 

Preschoolers learn through experiences and hand-on play as we talk about the biblical content. Preschool teachers who use learning centers have less classroom management issues and build greater relationships. Those positive relationships will be the basis for which the child will try more and experience more in your classroom.  Embrace the fun and experiences offered from learning centers.  Enjoy this interview and revisit this and all our video training at YouTube. Subscribe to our channel today! 

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