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What is a teacher to do with these crazy kids?

These out-of-control classes run off our teachers causing them to never be interested in doing anything with the children’s ministry again.  Understandably, they do not want to fail miserably for a second time.  We face this enlisting challenge all the time, and when we find a wonderful and available person to teach our kids, we quickly give them a teaching book and put them in a class; but they have no idea how to lead or manage the class.  We seriously need to equip teachers with clear instructions of how to do the job so they can be AND feel successful. 

This conference will explain clearly how to lead a class of children by setting expectations and implementing techniques that allow them to get the most out of the short time given for Bible study.

Mr. Mark explains why leading a class with procedures is most important.  Using humor and personal examples, he shows teachers how to lead a class using an organized schedule and transitions that allows everyone to participate and have a good time while learning.  These principles are key to leading an effective teaching time that will allow the teacher’s relationship with each child to grow and accomplish all the good Bible teachings planned.  Mr. Mark also explains some pitfalls to avoid so that you can lead with confidence and create a safe environment in your classroom.  If all your teachers will apply this key leadership model, the culture of the children’s ministry will become uniformly positive and volunteers will stay to serve.

Here is a short clip of the video conference.  The full video conference will be available March 16, 2023

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