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  1. Be very familiar and comfortable about your method to share God’s plan of salvation.  I share my method here, but you can see my demonstration at Leading Children to Christ.
  2. Children’s spiritual formations look more like gather information and placing it on a bookshelf in certain places until they get the shelf filled in more and more.
  3. As time passes, they discover the answers to these questions and they ask more questions and get closer to accepting Christ.
  4. It’s not about having all the right answers.  It is, however, about the Holy Spirit drawing you to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus for forgiveness.  I’m looking for the humility and need to be forgiven.
  5. Don’t squelch the child’s desire to act on this.  Simply plan more meetings until the Holy Spirit is leading the child.  The child doesn’t know how many times we will meet.  Be loving and be patient.  God will guide you so please ask Him.

Book Recommendation:
When Can I? by Thomas Sanders

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