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Recently, I discussed my personal routines as well as routines in the classroom with a group of teachers.  I’ve tried to evaluate my daily routine and change a few things that would let me have a few victories with time management.  There is so much more to my life than email so I created a new daily schedule but already I’m tweaking it to gain better success.  If you’re tired and wired and ready for a little balance I challenge you to join me in creating a successful routine for yourself.  The first schedule you write out will not be perfect so see this as a process.

The idea is to start small.  I started waking and going to bed at the same time with the goal of seven to eight hours of sleep.  I also started setting a silent alarm at 10 am and 3 pm to vibrate and remind me to get up from my desk (peel my eyes off the computer screen) and walk around the church.  I realized the day was passing and I rarely stood up to let the blood circulate.  After my little stroll, I have had such greater clarity and often complete tasks quicker.  I try to drink some water too.  Our brains get dehydrated and operate slower so “water your brain.”

Dedicate your mornings to a particular task and your afternoons to a different focus.  Use a task list and prioritize it to stay productive.  Even larger tasks can be broken down into steps you accomplish each day.  Take time to plan those into your task list.  I listen to podcasts and books on from my phone during my commute to keep feeding my brain with fresh learning and thinking.  It amazes me how that knowledge surfaces during meetings and planning.  It is good.

Other things that I am trying to add to my routine benefit my health.  I like yummy food but I am trying to make better choices for my health.  I have dusted off the treadmill and learned it isn’t as bad as I thought to walk for 20- 30 minutes each day.  I challenge you to do the same.  We can encourage one another.  I need that.

These small “hacks” on my daily schedule have really been beneficial for me.  I’m just wondering if you have things similar to these that you do?  Reply and let me know.  It might help me too.

Your Friend,


Mr. Mark

PS- Check out this great Idea you can use with kids this week in your classroom!


Marshmallow Shooters

Teach me your way LORD, and I will live by your truth. Psalm 86:11marsh

Materials: clear plastic punch cups, a variety of 9” balloons, plastic cups to match the color of balloons, miniature marshmallows, scissors or box knife, and masking tape

Adults will need to cut the bottom of the punch cup off. You may need to put masking tape around the edge to prevent sharp edges. Tie a knot in the end of an uninflated balloon—cut 1” off the top rounded end. Kids can now put the balloon over the TOP of the cup—NOT the part that has been cut. When the knotted end of the balloon is pulled back, it will create a cavity where the marshmallow will fit. When the knot is released, the

marshmallow will fly out.  Match balloons with cups to create targets.  Label cups with Bible divisions and let kids say a book that matches the target they hit . . . Law . . . Genesis, etc.

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