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I have a unique situation.  We have four morning worship services and our pastor preaches all four services.  Two Sunday School hours where I have nine terrific preschool teachers that choose to teach the first hour then attend the Parents of Preschoolers SS class where I teach about 35 parents.  A great community of sharp, growing Christian parents that I love sharing life with weekly.

Since our pastor preaches two of the services within the same worship hour, they have one option and that is the early service.  I’m not gonna lie.  It is the least appealing.  The crowd is much older in age, the music is strongly traditional and the hour is early for young parents.  Most will not attend Sunday night.  The recorded service on the web is not the same as attending. I feel like these nine teachers will burn out soon since they are not experiencing corporate worship.  Even if they teach all year, there is no staying power and they are running on empty with a feeling that they are cheated while others are experiencing something terrific (and they are).

Yesterday, I talked to each one about my concern.  I learned I was correct.  Missing worship was getting old.  Only a couple of teachers were trying to attend on Sunday night to have corporate worship.  I made the suggestion that I would like to provide an early class for their kids where I would have some Preschool Sunday School activities prepared and provide breakfast for the month of December.  They could come a bit early to slip in the service during the last hymn and listen to the sermon.  They were pleasantly surprised. We begin next Sunday and I’m looking forward to it.  Two reasons; I enjoy teaching preschool and these kids are really terrific. Second, my wonderful teachers get to be fed and included in worship.

I know I’m adding another thing to my list but it feels right to serve these servants.  I hope it will meet the need and become something we provide weekly so our teachers can have staying power.  The nine teachers would be very hard to replace.

What have you done to meet your teachers’ needs?  What advice would you give me?

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