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Who wins in a fight: The one that’s right or the one that cares?

So a child ran up to a lady at church squealing with delight shouting, “Teacher! Teacher!”  It warmed my heart and all the adults standing around as well.  But no one was fightmore delighted than her teacher.  She told me, “It feels like the arms or God just wrapped around me with great love.”  There are many great things happening in our church and I love to see how kids and teachers are bonding.  I think this creates staying power in the hearts of our teachers.

I want to remind you of something you already know and suggest something you might have forgotten.  Show your teachers how much you care.  Not every teacher is getting the welcome I described.  Some of them are facing kiddos that are disrespectful and plagued with entitlement issues.  It’s time to step in and help.  Here are a few ideas to show your teachers how much you care:

  1. Arrive early and open the building by walking from room to room and praying for the teachers and children that will occupy each classroom. If you see teachers along the way, stop and pray with them.
  2. Affirmation- Tell a teacher what a terrific job they are doing.  Be specific and appreciative.
  3. Remind teachers that they are making a difference in the kids they teach. Give them examples when a child or parent spoke of the great experience they had in her class.
  4. Dig deeper into the lives of the children that are defiant or disruptive. Find out from family and friends what his issues are and how we can help.  Share your finding with the teachers as a way to better equip them.  Watch for articles or wisdom that might help the teacher be more successful.  Have meetings with parents and share any findings with the teacher.  Do the heavy lifting.
  5. Include teachers in emails and team information as well as activities. You want every teacher to feel they are a vital part of the team.  Provide information about church life outside of kid’s ministry that they might not hear since they do not attend an adult small group Bible study.
  6. Shower them with love. Some teachers need words and others enjoy gifts. I like both!  November is going to be our “Thankful Month” so we can show our teacher how much we love and appreciate them.  Each Sunday and Wednesday we are providing a small gift and card to say thanks for being so faithful and doing such a terrific jofight 2b.  Here’s what we are doing:

Candy Corn and Peanuts Mix– Snack bags – “You are the sweet part of our teacher mix!”

Bag of Minis– Includes some adorable Mini Beanbags to use in their classroom-  “Many (Mini) Thanks for all you do to teach our kids about Jesus”. Go to to get yours today!

Ditty Bag  (pictured above) filled with a loaf or slices of Homemade Pumpkin Bread we are baking ourselves.  Check out to get yours today!

Vintage Cup Towel for the holidays– Thank you for your consistency and faithfulness and we hope you will be part of our team many more years!

Please go to  to see these items if you are interested in purchasing some for your teachers.  I know our Kid Min Community is always interested so, leave a comment and tell us—

What are you doing to show appreciation for your teachers?

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