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I was talking to my dear friend, Willa Ruth, about some of the blessings I enjoy as a Sunday School teacher in my church. As we continued to talk about the importance of teaching Bible truths to preschoolers, I remember saying, “Why don’t people teach? “ As soon as I asked the question, she suggested I write an article about this subject. She didn’t try to answer my question, and I won’t answer it either. I will take the positive approach rather than the negative and tell you why I teach—preschoolers in Sunday School.

Reason 1—Why I teach? – The relationships with preschoolers will continue through the years!

     Recently I was standing inside my classroom when I noticed a young man at the door. I thought he might be bringing a child to our class. I asked, “Are you looking for the kindergarten room?” He stepped inside and said, “I am looking for you! I was in your class 40 years ago.” My thoughts returned to the time when I knew that young man as a kindergartner in our church, and I was blessed to see him again. He explained that he is a chaplain and had been stationed in Anchorage, Alaska until a recent transfer to Texas. He was in our church visiting family and said he wanted to find me.

Reason 2—Why I teach?—Working with an adult teacher helps reach and minister to a child’s family!

I saw the name of a child that had not been attending. I had met her dad through the interest of an adult teacher who was trying to reach him. I called the adult teacher for some contact information. He told me that if was ever going to get the dad in his class on a regular basis that he needed my help in getting the daughter to attend. When I saw the dad at my door with his daughter the next Sunday, I knew he would be going to his class. Later, the adult teacher thanked me for my help. I told him that we will work together—for me to have the little girl in my class and her dad in his class!

Reason 3—Why I teach?—Guide boys and girls to discover that the Bible is the most important book!

A grandmother called to tell me that her grandson was singing in the car and said, “I just can’t get that song out of my head.” The song was “Jesus, I Want to Be Like You,” and the child was a kindergartener who learned about Jesus and the things He said and did as God’s Son. He had learned that the Bible tells about Jesus. Telling Bible stories, reading and using Bible verses, and singing songs about the Bible are ways a teacher uses the Sunday morning time wisely. I do not enter my classroom to focus on secular resources or setup activities to entertain the children. Once in that room Bible teaching begins with the activities, the games, the music, telling the Bible story and conversation about Bible verses and Bible truths for the session. 

                One special verse proclaims how I feel about teaching—Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching (Titus 2:7, NLT).

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