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We live in an area where children often see snow in the wintertime. They enjoy talking about favorite winter activities. Teachers can read the Bible verse God made the winter (Psalm 74:17) to remind boys and girls that God had a plan for wintertime.

Consider making snow paint to try ideas for creative art activities. Talk to boys and girls about the snow that God makes and ways people enjoy the snow.


Supplies for Snow Painting:

  • ingredients and supplies for snow paint (See underlined items in recipe printed below.)
  • spoons
  • construction paper,  plastic trays, cardboard
  • camera

Snow Paint

1 cup white laundry detergent (I used white Fab detergent.)

1/2 cup cold water

Combine ingredients in a bowl or plastic container. Use an eggbeater to mix; beat until smooth and fluffy

Add additional water if needed to thicken the mixture. Store snow paint in a plastic container with a lid.

Idea 1: Fold piece of construction paper. Open the paper and place a spoonful of soap paint on the fold. Close the paper. Guide a child to press gently along the fold. Open the paper to see the design.  (See illustration.) It is best not to send this art work home with the child; some of the mixture will harden and fall off the paper.

Idea 2: Spoon soap paint on a plastic tray. A child can enjoy using this mixture as finger paint.

Idea 3: Instruct a child to use a spoon to put small amounts of the soap paint on cardboard to make a “pile of snow.” (See illustration.) This is not a take-home item!

Photograph the child with his art; print the picture to mail or give to him.

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