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Use a metal drip pan (from auto parts store) for magnetic items such as alphabet letters and puzzles. The pan can be placed on a table or on the floor.
Consider making a winter puzzle to fit inside the pan. Read two Bible verses about winter and plan to use the verses to create the game.
God made the winter (Psalm 74:17).
God sends the snow (Psalm 147:16).
Supplies for Winter Puzzle for Drip Pan:
· metal drip pan (can be a purchased from an auto parts store or in the
automotive department at Wal-Mart for about $10.)
· winter-design gift wrap paper. scissors
· white adding machine tape, felt-tip marker, glue
· magnetic tape (Buy a roll of magnetic tape and cut into desired pieces.)
· jumbo zip-lock bags (2-gallon size)
· camera
1. Cut gift wrap paper to fit inside drip pan. Round the four corners if needed.
2. Print the two Bible verses God made the winter and God sends the snow
on white adding machine tape. Cut the adding machine tape to place across
the top section and bottom section of the large piece of paper. (See
illustration.) Use glue on each Bible verse strip to attach to the paper.
3. Laminate the paper before cutting into puzzle pieces. The paper will need
to be cut apart to fit on the laminator.
4. When cutting the laminated paper into puzzle pieces, cut around the two
Bible verse strips. This will keep the paper from separating. Add pieces of
magnetic tape to each puzzle piece.
5. Photograph the completed puzzle. Place a copy of the photograph with the
puzzle to help a child work the puzzle.
6. To make it easier for children to work the puzzle, place the pieces in two
separate bags—one bag for the top half and the other bag for the bottom
half. Place the bags on the drip pan.
Teaching Tips:
· Guide a child to work the puzzle after showing him the photograph of the
· Read the Bible verses and talk about God’s plan for winter. Pray, thanking
God for winter things to enjoy.

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