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I made these with my kindergarten class, and they LOVED it! They also enjoy seeing their snowflakes hanging in the classroom to see when they come to Sunday school. Try it out!


  • 9 Paper Bags for every child 
  • Glue Sticks 


  • Ask the children to lie the paper bag flat on the table with the bottom flap facing up. The bottom of the bag (the flap) will be closest to the child. 
  • Apply glue across the flap area horizontally, and then apply glue vertically down the entire bag. This makes what looks like an upside down “T.”
  • Place the next bag on top of the first bag in the same direction. 
  • Repeat these steps until all of the bags have been glued together. 
  • Cut the stack of bags around the edges to create the snowflake design. 
  • Open the snowflake by opening each bag until you’ve created a circle. 
  • Paper clip the two bags on the end together to hold it together as a snowflake. 
  • Send these home or hang them up in the classroom to include everyone’s artwork. 

Valentines Day is actually on a Wednesday this year and we are planning some fun for that night!  

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