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Children can create a Bible verse memorizing tool to use at home.  They can practice the verse and hid different words as they repeat it out loud.  Don’t forget to include the reference.

  • Pencils
  • 9-by12-inch construction paper
  • Scissors
  • 9-by-2-inch paper strips
  • Markers

Teaching Tip: Mark cutting lines on the construction paper ahead of time.

  • Cut four slits in the larger paper. Slits are eight inches long and two inches apart.
  • Weave the narrow strips through the slits.
  • Pull each strip down one block.
  • Print one word of the verse in each space, starting at the top left corner and moving down. Move to the next column and continue the Bible Verse.
  • Pull the strips back into place to hide the verse.
  • Trade weavings, pull down the strips to reveal the words, and read the verses.  Practice the verse by hiding a word each time you repeat it.

Click here for printable version

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