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Plan an art activity at Christmastime to encourage boys and girls to make a gift for someone in their family. Parents and grandparents enjoy a child’s art work. This activity involves a child in drawing on a sheet of white paper before turning the paper to see the other side. Help a child roll the paper with drawing inside, tie a ribbon around it, and then say: “ Now you have a gift-wrapped picture.”

Supplies for Making Gift-Wrapped Pictures:gift

1. gift wrap paper (solid colors or realistic Christmas designs rather than fantasy and secular designs)

2. washable markers

3. ribbon or yarn

4. self-adhesive labels


1. Cut the gift wrap paper in 12-inch-by-18-inch pieces.

2. Lay the paper on the table with the white side on top.

3. Provide washable markers for drawing.

4. When a child finishes his drawing, turn the paper over to see the other side. After the paper is rolled and tied, talk about the child having a gift- wrapped picture to give to someone.

6. Help the child use a label to make a gift tag to attach to the picture. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Remind boys and girls that giving gifts is a way to show love to others.
  • Open the Bible to John 15:17 and read “love one another.” Comment that people give gifts at Christmastime to show love and to remember God’s love for us. Read “God loved us and sent His Son”(1 John 4:10).

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