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Parents will not take your church seriously if your first impression stinks.  They are looking for these critical markers.  If these items are not in place, you might not get a second chance.  The teaching areas and toys must be clean, clutter free and safe.  Be sure it smells good and child safety is provided for doors and outlets.

Security systems do not have to be complex but they must be intentional and supported by workers to make them affective.  Simple ideas like signing in kids with parental contact information such as cell phone numbers will give assurance to parents.  Having windows in doors so parents can see in the classroom will help to satisfy anxious parents too.  Create policies that provide an application with background checks for workers.  This will help protect the children and the church.    These and other safety ideas can be discussed and implemented through a children’s ministry committee.


Young parents are looking for a church whose teachers respond warmly and responsively to their children.  The warm responses from teachers will prove a sense of community young adults are longing to have.  By giving individual attention and unconditional love, the teacher will maximize the opportunities to build on spiritual foundations in the life of every child in his class. First impressions are vital but you must clearly communicate the lasting reasons for staying at the church and keeping their children involved.  Young adults are seeking a cause.  Clearly communicate your plan for the child’s spiritual development as you teach them through out the year.





S – Secure– Sign in procedures, security cards, secure environment

A – Age appropriate toys, equipment, blinds, bulletin boards

F – Freshly cleaned classroom, toys, cribs, floors, cabinets & tables

E – Enlist workers with membership of at least six months,                     background checks, enjoys children and called by God


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