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Are you easily distracted?  I know I am. Often, I get my best work done the last hour of the day when I’m all alone in my office. I used to work later and later, but Connie, my wife, made a rule that I had to be home to eat supper at 6:30 pm. That meal time is even a bit late for most people, but she was giving me an hour to get stuff done. She said the food would be cooked and on the table and the kids in their place ready to eat so I better be sitting in my place at the table and ready to eat too. She means business! It seems silly to make that kind of rule, but it has been exactly what I needed. I’m not late. Seriously, I’m not late.   

When there is talking outside my office door, I can’t stay focused. I want to answer questions not even being asked of me. The phone rings, I get an email, the texts are firing off and the list goes on and on. At times, I have even shut my door and put headphones on with soft piano music just to drown out any conversations near my office. Suffice it to say, I’m easily distracted. 

So, how do we deal with all the distractions and get our work done? How do our distracted teachers deal with being prepared and teaching distracted kids? Join me as I talk to Landry Holmes from LifeWay Christian Resources where he discusses the issue of distractions in our lives.   

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Mr. Mark 

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