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  • Quart-size slide zipper bag
  • Duct tape 
  • Hole punch 
  • Sheet of notebook paper 


Cut or tear enough duct tape strips to cover both sides of the bag with about ¾-inch boarder on the side opposite the zipper. 


  1. Cover the entire bag with the strips of duct tape. Be sure that the tape extends at least ¾ inch beyond the side opposite the zipper. 
  2. Use the notebook paper as a guide to punch two holes in the side opposite the zipper so that the pouch can be placed in a three-hole notebook. 
  3. Use permanent markers and duct tape stickers to personalize the pouch.


NOTE:  You can make duct tape stickers by sticking strips of duct tape to release paper (the kind that labels and stickers come on, waxed paper might also work). Use a die cut or craft punch to make shapes that can be peeled away from the paper and stuck to the duct taped pouch.



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