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As you design your obstacle course, keep in mind the ages, abilities, and number of children involved as well as the space you have. Make the course simple at first and change the stations as they are mastered. If you like, time the kids to see who can complete the course fastest. Below are a few ideas to get you started.


Ten stations is a good number for most kids.  At each station provide a review question or Bible Skill to be answered or preformed before completing the obstacle.

Bible Review Questions– Who, What, When, Where of the story and include some application questions (How, Why).

Bible Skills Tasks– Find the Bible book, name the books before & after, recite the memory verse, find a Bible reference for the story, put books of the Bible in order.


  • Crawl under or over a row of chairs
  • Crawl under a string stretched between two chair legs
  • Jump into and out of a Hula-hoop five times
  • Walk on a balance board
  • Throw a beanbag into a laundry basket
  • Run while balancing a beanbag on your head
  • Play a game of ring toss
  • Play one hole of newspaper golf
  • Ride a tricycle along a predetermined route
  • Somersault from one point to another
  • Perform a handstand
  • Skip in place while reciting a jump rope rhyme
  • Do ten Jumping Jacks

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