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  • Clear plastic cup  
  • Pom-poms  
  • Tissue paper squares  
  • Chenille stem  
  • pony beads  
  • sponge brush  
  • battery operated tea light  
  • glue  
  • scissors  
  • hole punch  


1. Use a hole punch to punch a hole on both sides of the plastic cup at the top.  

2. String pony beads across the length of a chenille stem. This will become the handle for the lantern.   

3. Wrap the ends of the chenille stem in the holes of the cup.  Curve the chenille stem to make a handle shape.   

4. Next, use a sponge brush to spread glue on one side of the cup.   

5. Lay tissue paper squares on top of the glue.   

6. Spread more glue on the cup and continue to lay tissue paper squares until the cup is covered in colored squares.   

7. Place a battery operated tea light in the bottom of the cup.  

8. Lastly, glue pom-poms around the top of the cup to add an extra layer of decoration.  

9. Now you have a beautiful handmade lantern!   

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