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I often refer to a little boy, Cameron, in my illustrations of classroom management but his name is really Mark.  I know how Cameron’s mind works because that is how I think–even now.  Sometimes I have to bite my tongue in staff meetings to keep from interrupting because the discussion is funny and my commentary would send everyone spiraling out of control with laughter.  I call it a gift, but sometimes it can be a curse.  You might not be surprised by this confession.

As a child, some of my best work was created with substitute teachers.  It didn’t take long for the sub to learn my name, but as long as I was unknown to her, she had lots to do to lead a class of fourth graders.  That’s why a teacher’s consistency is so important.  Teachers who are present and on time each week, most often, have the best results in classroom management and student’s experience good learning of Christian education.  Here’s another terrific article by Pat Murphy.

Teacher Consistency

By Pat Murphy

Kid’s affect Your Life!

Church is only one side of discipleship, home is the other side.  Each child strives to reach milestones at home and at church, however adults are key to success.  Teachers, as partners with parents, are key to helping a child learn Bible truths.  Boys and girls, in their early years, are often fearful of adults that are not consistent in their lives.  At church, it is important for a young child to have the same teachers each time he or she is brought to the preschool to build trust and security.

The enlistment process can be difficult as many adults are afraid that they will lose contact with their Bible study friends (out of sight, out of mind mentality).  Pray about who will be the best fit to help preschoolers and their families grow in knowledge about Him, His plan for life, and how He will use them in the future.    Preschool leaders need to be loving, encouraging, accepting, dependable, evangelistic, responsible, and a growing Christian. One might say, “these are but little kids, who cannot read and don’t learn that much”.  But somehow adults forget that more is learned in the first five years of life than at any other time in life, including the college years.  Young children at church demand the best teachers who will be there consistently to guide, teach, and help each child learn the way God planned for them as individuals.subs

Consistency is key to young children building trust in this ever changing world.  Young children need to see the same smiling face and hear that same familiar voice each week.  They learn to trust as they identify with adults around them who are meeting their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual developmental need weekly.  Trust is built as the same teacher meets the physical need of a cup of water when he is thirsty.  Trust is built as a teacher comforts him when he is missing his family. Trust development continues as the teacher shares Bible thoughts and verses that reinforce God’s love and care for people.

Young children are dependent upon caring adults who consistently provide loving instruction and stimulate them to learn more about God’s word, His world and the mission efforts taking place, the church, and the people that provide for him.  Independence is gained as he makes choices to engage in activities with teachers who he has an established relationship due to interaction inside the classroom and out.

Security is so important not only for the child in your Bible study class, but also the parent.  In this crazy mixed up world, parents are concerned with who is in their child’s class, what training has that person had, has that person passed a background check, and will that person be here each time I bring my child to church.  The overwhelming security provided by having the same teacher each time cannot be measured and will greatly affect the overall attendance for the family.

Teacher consistency in the classroom makes the difference in how a child will view learning about Jesus.  If it is important to his teacher and parents, it will become important to him.

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