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  • Two colorful king-size flat bed sheets
  • Large binder clips
  • Cement mold tubes or tall boxes
  • Table and silver table cloth
  • Production Line Prop (see instructions)
  • boxes, desk, tubes, clip boards, radio, chair
  • Factory Bundle Stickers



  1. Create the factory scene with a couple of colorful king-size flat bed sheets and large binder clips. Choose the corner of the classroom to be your focal point.  Create the corner by attaching the sheets to the track on the ceiling with the binder clips.
  1. Add a table on one wall to peninsula out for the production line. Add the silver vinyl tablecloth and the production line prop (see instructions to make).
  1. Tape together the cement mold tubes or tall boxes to set in place as poles along the colorful wall.
  1. Attach the Overhead Factory Chains on the poles against the wall and along the ceiling over the production line.
  1. Attach the gears to the poles and walls. Include any signs or posters you wish to use.
  1. Finally, include boxes, small desk, clipboard and other accessories to the scene, but be careful to not overcrowd the space. Less is more.

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Production Line Prop

Production line prop 1

Prod Line prop 2








  • Two long-size white banker’s boxes
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Silver spray paint


  1. Place the paper towel tubes in the lid of a banker’s box like rollers. Spray paint the lid and the tubes silver.  Turn the tubes and spray again if needed.
  2. Open the banker’s box to stand with the bottom extended (unfolded) to give more height. Add the lid and spray paint silver.
  3. Optional- Add a light inside the box and black plastic fringe from a trash can liner at the opening where the rollers come out. Other decoration and wording can be added to the outside of the box too.

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