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  • Supplies Needed  
    • White card stock  
    • Black construction paper  
    • Brown construction paper  
    • Brightly colored construction paper  
    • Pencil  
    • Scissors  
    • Glue stick      
  • Instructions  
    • Cut a cross out of black construction paper.  
    • Cut a hill out of brown construction paper. Cut out both of the pieces of the template. Then, using a pencil, trace the cross on black card stock and the hill on brown card stock. Cut out both of the pieces.  
    • Gather together five or six brightly colored pieces of paper to create your sunset background.   
    • Tear a strip from the top of each paper that is about 2-3 inches in width.  
    • Choose which order you want to layer your colored paper strips for your sunset background.   
    • Using a glue stick, add glue on the back of the bottom piece of your sunset and glue it onto the bottom of a white piece of card stock paper.  
    • Continue adding glue to each colored paper strip of your sky,  and glue them in.  
    • Add glue to the back of the brown hill and place it at the bottom of your sunset background.   
    • Trim extra paper that hangs over the edge of the card stock.  
    • Then glue the black cross in the center of the hill.  

Written By: Mark Jones & Sarah Hagar

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