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encouraging regular attdnc

Sometimes we forget we need to encourage regular attenders and let them know how much we appreciate their faithfulness.  Parents have said their children want to stay home on Sunday morning so they can get a card sent from their teacher saying, “We missed you today!”  Cards need to be sent to children who are faithful with affirmation like, “Thanks for always being at church!”, and then tell the child you like the way they did a specific activity or behavior.

It is also good to include the regular attenders as helpers.  Ask them to help a child who is a visitor, for example, “Carter, we have a visitor in our class today. This is Justin, please make him feel welcome.  Introduce Justin to the friends at your table and make sure he knows where the supplies are located. I would also like for you to introduce him when we have our group time.”  Other ways to include the faithful children would be to ask them to help with games or other activities during class time.  Let them know when help is needed, and you will almost always get a volunteer to help you.

Sometimes you will have an early arriver.  These children are usually happy to help you set up the classroom.  When they come into the room early, a good way to greet them would be, “Allie, I am so glad you came early today, I need a helper.”  This makes her feel welcome and important.

Children come to church when their parents bring them; we need to make them feel wanted and needed.  Regular attenders are one of our greatest assets; make sure they know how important they are.

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