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Supplies Needed :

  • Colored card stock  
  • White copy paper  
  • Markers  
  • Scissors  
  • Glue stick  
  • Stapler with staples  
  • Optional: small cup as a circle pattern      


  1. Fold a piece of card stock diagonally and cut of the excess to create a square.  
  2. Unfold the triangle and fold the square in half.  
  3. With the fold at the bottom, fold again horizontally (hamburger) and crease the bottom edge at the fold.  
  4. With the card stock folded in half with the fold at the bottom, bring the right side toward the left starting at the center mark and bringing the bottom corner as close to the top edge as possible.  
  5. Fold the left side so that the bottom folded edge meets the right side of the paper.  
  6. Cut a round top through all the layers.   
  7. Unfold to see your six petaled flower.  
  8. Trace and cut a second flower to match.  
  9. Cut two card stock circles that are about 2.5” in diameter.  
  10. Cut 12 circles that are 2.5” in diameter from the copy paper.  
  11. Write things you love about your mom on the paper circles.  
  12. Write #1 Mom or another message to your mom on one card stock circle.  
  13. Sign your name on the other card stock circle.  
  14. Glue the paper circles on the petals of the card stock flowers.   
  15. Line up the flowers with the messages facing each other and staple the two flowers together in the center.   
  16. Glue the two card stock circles over the staple in the center of the outsides of the flowers.  
  17. Give your flower to your mom for Mother’s Day!  

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