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I guess we should buy Ping-Pong balls by the case!  It seems like we use these little jewels for so many Bible skill games and other games too. The problem is, they die easily. They get stepped on or lost, and sometimes they unexpectedly go home with kids. Whatever the case, we like Ping-Pong ball games! Here are a couple you might enjoy too!

Muffin Pan Line-It-Up!

Supplies Needed:

  • Muffin pan (from the dollar store)
  • Ping-Pong balls
  • Permanent marker
  • Plastic serving tongs


Write the books of the Bible division or a Bible verse on the balls and place them at one end of the room.  Line up the kids at the opposite end of the room with the muffin tin on the floor. Explain that each person in line must run down to the opposite end of the room with the tongs and pick up any Ping-Pong ball with the tongs and bring it back. They must place it in the correct muffin pan well. When the balls are all in the pan the team must read the verse (or books) out loud. The first team to complete the challenge wins.

Option- Create a challenge by walking backwards and no written words in the bottom of the muffin pan wells.

Children’s Pastor Pong

Enlarge a poster of the Children’s Pastor with red plastic Solo cups in each pant pocket, each hand, mouth, and on the bill of a hat. Attach the poster to a large foam board so it can be moved and used by other classes or simply in the hallway for kids to play. I used Mavalus Tape to attach the actual cups to the poster (They are still attached after six months- I love this tape!).

Place the poster at the end of a six-foot or eight-foot table. Set the table against the wall. Provide a basket of Ping-Pong balls at the other end. The kids must take turns bouncing the ball on the table and into the cup.  Provide point values on the cups. This is great for Bible questions or review questions in the classroom.  Posters can be printed at Mr. Mark’s Classroom- Click Here!

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