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There are two types of physical learners; tactile & kinesthetic. Tactile learners use their fine motor skills in their learning processes while kinesthetic learners use their whole body…what fun! As you plan your lesson and your classroom setting, take special care to make sure there will be MOVEMENT involved! Let’s face it, most adults have trouble sitting still for a WHOLE HOUR too! Here are a few ideas to help:

  • If the physical learner is typically an early arriver, save a special set up job for him/her. Remind them that you could not do this without their help! This can serve as a great time to introduce the biblical concept for the lesson. Start “teaching” when they arrive.
  • Have Bible Skill Activities available for any down time you may have. Examples include stacking solo cups or Lego blocks labeled with the Books of the Bible in order. Memory Verse Puzzles at counter height where the physical learner can stand while working the puzzle. Your weekly curriculum should have several options that can be tailored to the physical learner as well…use them!
  • Sing worship songs with motions….BIG motions! The physical learner enjoys helping you come up with the motions too! Let them be involved in the process.
  • Let them help out by reenacting the Bible Story as you tell it. They can hold the teaching picture or hand you teaching props…the possibilities are endless once you start exploring your options!
  • If your physical learner is headed off to Worship after your class, set them up to succeed by giving them a task to complete during the service. It can be a sheet of specific words to listen for as the Pastor brings the message. They can list the Worship Songs sung by the congregation and select which one was their favorite. They could also list three names of people they greeted during the Welcome Time. Give them a mission and odds are, they will complete it!

By: Paula Lawson

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