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Supplies Needed  

  • Green construction paper  
  • 1 inch tissue paper squares  
  • School glue  
  • Wiggly eyes  
  • Scissors  
  • Paper plates  
  • Paintbrush  
  • Markers   


  • From the green construction paper, cut out an oval for the turtles head, a curved piece for a tail, and four oblong pieces for the legs.  
  • Spread glue over the bottom of the paper plate with a paintbrush.  
  • Cover the paper plate with tissue paper squares. When you get to the edge of the plate, fold the tissue paper underneath.  
  • Glue 2 wiggly eyes to the turtle’s head, then draw a nose and mouth on the turtle’s face with the markers.  
  • Glue the turtle’s head, legs, and tail to the paper plate.  

By Mark Jones & Sarah Hagar

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