Pass the Word Relay

          Objective: Be the first team to pass the word to everyone on the team.  Gather some clothes that look like “granny” or “grandpa” items.  A wig, a shawl, a cane, an older dress, fedora, big pants with suspenders, etc.  The first person on each team holds the memory verse on a card.  Kids run down,…

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Making Megaphones

          Making megaphones to share God’s plan for people. Purchase small megaphones from a craft store or make megaphones from assorted colors of construction paper.  Print today’s Bible verse on labels.  Provide markers, crayons, and stickers for the children to use to decorate their megaphone. Remind children of the Bible verse as they work.  Encourage children…

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Family Devotion Night

Scripture: Micah 6:8—What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Opening Question to Discuss: What are some things you think the Lord requires of us? First Point: We are called on by God to “act justly”. What is that?   It means we seek to do good, to…

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School Supplies

  Boys and girls enjoy school supplies…teachers, too. Since back-to-school time is important, it is good to talk about the end of summer and the beginning of another school year. This year I decided to plan an activity using school supplies. This is not an activity that is limited to the start of school. The supplies can be used during…

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The Bible in The Bible

          Object: introduce kids to tools that can be used to study the Bible. Use the following cross references to find where else in the Bible the Ten Commandments are mentioned. Provide Bible tools like a concordance, a dictionary, etc. Show kids how to use each one. Let them explore the Ten Commandments using these research…

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People Montage Art

          Collect and prepare the following: Magazine pictures of different ethnic people groups involved in a variety of activities Glue Scissors Construction paper Depending upon the age of the children either pre-cut pictures or allow children to select and cut pictures. Invite children to select pictures and glue them on construction paper while sharing today’s Bible…

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Podcast: Woes of Enlisting Workers

This year has been tough. We have two hours of Sunday School and our Wednesday night Missions/ Bible Drill. We needed tons of workers because so many were resigning. Both hours (6 classes) for two year olds were vacant except one teacher. I needed eleven new teachers and that was only one age group. All this was discovered as school…

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When I Grow Up Collage

          As we celebrate those who work so hard to make sure that our towns continue to operate and grow, talk with your children about all of the different jobs that people have. Allow them to tell you what they want to be when they grow up. Using pictures found in newspapers and magazines, give them…

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Carved In Stone

          Object: Get your partner to guess which of the Ten Commandments you are trying to draw in your clay. Provide balls of play clay to partners. One partner will draw (using the end of a paintbrush or something else) and one will guess. Make cards that have each of the Ten Commandments written out on…

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Bible Times Vest

          Paper grocery bags, scissors, markers, crayons, odds and ends such as rickrack, pompoms, sequins, yarn, stickers, patches, and glue. Prior to the session, cut a paper bag in the shape of a vest for each child. Cut a circle in the bottom of the bag for the child’s neck and cut an armhole on each…

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